24/7 Support from Peer Assistance Services

CVMA partners with Peer Assistance Services to provide confidential services to those in the veterinary profession who may be experiencing physical, emotional, psychological, or substance use problems. The program accepts self-referrals and calls from persons who may be concerned about themselves or others. The referral may come from a friend, family member, colleague, supervisor, self, or the Colorado Board of Veterinary Medicine. The calls are confidential and you do not need to give your name or the name of the individual.

Staff is available during business hours as well as after hours and weekends by calling the 24-hour information line (720.291.3209). You can contact Peer Assistance with general questions, concerns about yourself or a colleague, or to obtain community resources. If you are concerned about someone or yourself and would like information and help, please contact Peer Assistance confidentially at 303.369.0039 for information or to schedule as assessment.