More CE

Ready for more great CE offerings? CVMA has teamed up with CE providers from across Colorado and the nation to offer additional CE opportunities. Check out what’s available below.

Practice Performance Webinars

CVMA is pleased to partner with Communications Solutions for Veterinarians to offer members a special discount on monthly one-hour webinars on communication skills, compliance, and client service. Your entire staff can participate and earn CE credit. If your team isn’t available on a webinar date, you may purchase access to the on-demand session, letting you set your staff meetings around your schedule.

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Personal Wellbeing | Self Care Webinars

Because CVMA cares about the veterinary community in all ways, including your physical and mental health, we are collaborating with Peer Assistance Services to offer a webinar series that will cover substance use and warning signs, prescription drug abuse and safe prescribing, and self care.

We encourage you and your staff to take just 30 minutes out of your busy schedule – what you learn can make a huge difference, so please consider attending!

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