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 In today’s complicated world, we all need a little bit of “easy.” We invite you to partner with the CVMA as we support the dynamic issues surrounding veterinary medicine, its leaders, and teams. We are working smarter to match your strategies with remarkable opportunities to maximize results and serve you better.

CVMA is a proactive professional association of more than 2,350 veterinary medicine professionals. Our mission is to enhance animal and human health and welfare, and advance the knowledge and wellbeing of Colorado veterinarians. When you partner with CVMA you will gain valuable exposure and opportunities to discuss your products and/or services with the people who make purchasing decisions.

About Our Integrated Organizations

While CVMA and PetAid exist to promote veterinary medicine, education, and animal welfare, the scope and aims of the organizations meet specific purposes.

The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association—a proactive professional association of more than 2,200 veterinary medicine professionals—enhances animal health and welfare, promotes the human/animal bond, protects public health, advances the wellbeing of veterinarians, and fosters excellence in veterinary medicine through education, advocacy, and outreach.

PetAid  Colorado is the charitable arm of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. Collaborating with veterinarians and community partners, and with donor support, PetAid delivers a unique array of programs and provides veterinary care to underprivileged and at-risk pets. We believe that all animals, regardless of their owner’s financial status, deserve the veterinary care needed to prevent animal suffering and relinquishment.