Training and Client Satisfaction
Animal Care Technologies
ACT – Online Staff Training offers the flexible training solution that improves staff confidence and client satisfaction. Retain your best employees and improve client satisfaction through quality training.

  • Over 500 videos programs
  • 30 hours of CE available
  • Tracks individual progress
  • Customize training to your needs
  • Only $5900 per month!
    $5400 per month for CVMA Members with Promo Code: CVMA08

VSurv – Do you know if your clients are truly satisfied with your services? VSurv is an online solution that makes surveying your clients easy!

  • Works seamlessly your Practice Management software
  • Access reports online
  • Email alerts based on alarming client responses
  • Monthly performance report with benchmarking
  • Only $4900 per month
    $4400 per month for CVMA Members with Promo Code: CVMA08


Retail Council Services Corp.
Retail Council Services Corp. offers competitive rates for credit card processing and an array of check services that can be tailored to your needs. Call Michele Coons at 800.442.3589.

Insurance, Retirement, and Other Financial Services
Mesirow Financial (formerly Benefits and Incentives Group)
Mesirow Financial has a solution for all your needs. A full line of products are available to meet the needs of individual members and their employees. By purchasing services through this special program, you will receive added value and/or discounted rates. Call Paul Clifft at 303.750.6200.

The following reflects current plans offered for members of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA). Click on a plan option for more information.

  • Group Medical Plans – We work with all major carriers in Colorado to bring a variety of competitive options to our clients.
  • Group & Individual Dental Plans – Mesirow markets Beta Health’s Alpha Dental discount dental plan for members via preferred association pricing offered by Beta Health.  In addition to Alpha Dental DHMO style plan, employer members may offer one of three other carriers as a companion to the Alpha plan on a voluntary or employer contributed basis (Delta, Companion, MetLife).  Alpha also offers an individual/family plan.
  • Individual Medical Plans – Individual Medical is placed with various carriers using our Health Quote Engine on the Mesirow / CVMA Member Benefits website.  This affords the member the most objective access to plans that best meet their needs and pricing, versus offering only one plan.
  • Other Group Benefits – Other employer-sponsored group benefits we can provide include Life, Long & Short Term Disability and Vision benefit plans.
  • Individual Life Policies – We have a quote engine (called EZ Life) set up online via the Mesirow / CVMA website in an effort to offer the most competitively priced plans and coverage types (Term, Universal Life, etc.) for member inquiries.
  • Individual Disability Policies –CVMA has a specially-negotiated plan offered by Standard Insurance Company. If another carrier makes more sense for a particular members needs, we can assist with additional carriers/options.
  • LTC Global Long Term Care Policies – LTC Global is the provider which sponsors several Long Term Care insurance carriers as sold through their network of captive agents throughout Colorado. Each member has access to a local agent to work with.  BIG oversees this program for the CVMA.
  • I.D. Theft Assist – This coverage carries a discounted rate for CVMA members of $89 per member per year. The program includes the services of three major partners:  Worldwide Assistance – providing 40+ years of 24/7 victim assistance; Trans Union – One of largest credit bureaus in North America; and Affinity Care – 20+ years of experience in offering emotional counseling services and credit restoration assistance.  This is not an insurance coverage.
  • Retirement Plans – CVMA members have access to a full suite of services for retirement plans. Mesirow is a member of the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), a national alliance of accomplished advisors who add value for sponsors and participants in qualified and non-qualified retirement plans.