Pet Loss Damages

The following resources discuss recovery of economic and non-economic pet loss damages.

The AVMA opposes recovery of non-economic damages for the injury or death of animals, and that any extension of available remedies beyond economic damages would be inappropriate and ultimately harm animals. The AVMA has several resources on the issue of non-economic damages and animals. View AVMA’s resources on non-economic damages.

AVMA Positions Regarding Legal Status of Animals

JAVMA Letter to the Editor – More on law/animal rights

DVM Newsmagazine article – Emotional Distress: Are Statutory Caps a Good Idea?

AAHA article – What are your patients’ lives worth in the eyes of the law?

East Bay Express article – The $50,000 Mutt


From the 2008 CVMA Fall Leadership Conference issue session “Damages for pet loss — where is the public policy going?”

This “Primer on Medical Malpractice in Colorado” was prepared by Catherine O’Brien and David Gelman of Kennedy Childs & Fogg, P.C. in Denver and used in their discussion of implications and lessons from the human medical malpractice experienceand. It is posted here with permission.

Medical Malpractice Primer