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Media & Crisis Communication for the Veterinary Professional


Save the Date! April 19, 2018

Can you talk to the media? How do you handle bad publicity or social media attacks? Are you prepared for a communication crisis?


Join us for a full day of training that will equip you with the tools every veterinary professional needs to tackle any media, crisis, or difficult communication situation.

When delivering facts about animal health topics, general pet care, potential legislation, crisis situations, or hot media “run-away” stories, the person on the spot — or in front of a camera or reporter — MUST know crisis and media communications skills and MUST have had the opportunity to practice in a mock setting.  For any person who will represent their practice or their organization, media and crisis communication training is essential.  Those who “wing it” because it seems like an easy task will many times regret the experience, or worse, create a negative impression and perhaps generate a new crisis. Media and crisis communication training is also an excellent foundation for ALL types of communications skills, including social media. Client communication becomes more focused, more clear, and consumes less time when these same training techniques are applied in the exam room.

In this seminar you will learn how to:

  • Establish a relationship with members of the media and turn that into valuable publicity for your practice
  • React properly when the media calls, ask the right questions before the interview, anticipate the questions you will receive, craft your answers, develop message points, and bridge to positive points
  • Come across positively on all forms of media
  • Deal with social media attacks and issues
  • Handle bad publicity and reviews
  • Stay calm during a crisis and communicate effectively

…And you will receive some one-on-one coaching in an actual interview setting!

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