Legislative Affairs

One of the most vital and impactful things CVMA does is advocate on behalf of the veterinary profession in Colorado. Without the strength of our 2,000+ members behind us, and without your annual membership dues, we could not effectively work under the golden dome to protect you and your practice. We fight to make sure legislators know how proposed bills can help or hurt your livelihood, veterinary medicine, and animal health and welfare. This is no easy task and no one person alone could hope to achieve what we can accomplish when we come together as a single voice. Make sure your voice continues to be heard. Make sure we can continue to protect your interests. Together, we can protect veterinary medicine in Colorado.

2017 Legislative Session

New Bills Added as Colorado Legislative Session Moves Forward
This year’s legislative agenda puts forth several proposed bills that could affect your practice. A huge part of what CVMA does each year is advocate on behalf of the profession, and we will be busy at the capitol, working with our lobbyist, and protecting YOUR interests on the following bills that have been introduced:

  • HB17-1112: Immunity Unauthorized Practice of Profession
  • HB17-1121: Patient Safety Act
  • HB17-1165: DORA Boards Disciplinary Action Resolution Process
  • HB17-1179: Immunity for Emergency Rescue from Locked Vehicle
  • SB17-030: Exempt Injectable Anabolic Steroids for Cattle
  • SB17-032: Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Access
  • SB17-033: Delegate Dispensing Over-the-counter Medications
  • SB17-054: Create Rotation Schedule for Tax Checkoff Programs
  • SB17-109 Industrial Hemp Feed
  • SB17-135: Remove Medical Release Requirement For Animal Chiropractic
  • SB17-146: Access To Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

2016 Legislative Session

CVMA Legislative Efforts Expand Options for Veterinary Access to Compounded Drugs
After months of preparation and constant presence at the Capitol, CVMA is pleased to announce that House Bill 16-1324 (titled Veterinary Access Compounded Pharmaceutical Drugs) has passed both houses of the Colorado General Assembly. Representative Joann Ginal (D-Fort Collins/House District 52) and Senator Jerry Sonnenberg (R-Sterling/Senate District 1) were the prime sponsors of the bill, and CVMA is immensely grateful for their willingness to address this critical issue. Governor John Hickenlooper signed the bill into law on June 10, and it took effect on August 10, 2016.

Why CVMA Undertook This Action
A recent survey of CVMA members underscored the importance of veterinary access to compounded drugs. Recognizing that patient care was being compromised because of the barriers surrounding compounding medications, CVMA leadership made it a high priority to find a legislative solution that clarifies office use, allows office stock with dispensing in certain situations, and addresses access to compounded controlled drugs.