2016 Legislative Summary

The 2016 Colorado legislative season proved to be particularly challenging. Here are the bills CVMA worked on or followed this year; those with full text details were the ones being mostly closely monitored and/or legislated for by CVMA.


HB16-1112 Training Veterans to Train Service Dogs Pilot Program
CVMA position: Monitor
Laid Over Daily (05/10/2016)

HB16-1120 Rabies Requirement for Dogs & Cats
CVMA position: Support
Amendment(s) Failed (03/17/2016)

Under current law, local governments may determine whether to require pet owners to vaccinate their pets against rabies through a licensing program. Additionally, when public health and safety are at risk, county or district health departments may order all dogs, cats, other pet animals, or other mammals in the in the county or district to be vaccinated against rabies.

The bill imposes a statewide requirement that all dogs and cats that are 4 months old or older be vaccinated against rabies. Dog and cat owners must ensure that their animals are vaccinated within 90 days after assuming ownership, and a licensed veterinarian must administer the vaccination and issue to the owner a rabies vaccination certificate and a tag to be attached to the animal’s collar.

HB16-1124 Registered Brand Inspections
CVMA position: Monitor
Postponed indefinitely (02/03/2016)

HB16-1201 Health Professionals Companion Animals
CVMA position: Monitor
Postponed indefinitely (03/03/2016)

HB16-1297 Reestablish Check-offs Excluded From 2015 Tax Form
CVMA position: Support
Governor Signed (04/14/2016)

HB16-1308 Fraudulent Misrepresentation of a Service Animal
CVMA position: Support
Postponed indefinitely (04/11/2016)

HB16-1324 Compounding
CVMA position: Support

Under current law, a veterinarian cannot maintain an office stock of compounded drugs, which are drugs that are combined, mixed, or otherwise altered to create a specific drug or formulation, for later distribution or administration to patients. The bill authorizes:

  • A compounding pharmacy to compound and distribute a drug to a veterinarian without a specific patient indicated to receive the compounded drug; and
  • A veterinarian to dispense a compounded drug, maintained as part of the veterinarian’s office stock, in an amount not to exceed 5 days’ worth of doses, if a patient has an emergency condition that the compounded drug is necessary to treat and the veterinarian cannot access, in a timely manner, the compounded drug through a compounding pharmacy.

 SB16-062 Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
CVMA position: Support
Sent to the Governor (05/12/2016)

The bill creates a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee to the State Board of Pharmacy that will be consulted on any issue coming before the Board that involves veterinary pharmaceuticals. The three-person committee will be appointed by the state veterinarian and will consist of one veterinarian who is primarily a large-animal veterinarian, another veterinarian or a wholesaler of veterinary pharmaceuticals, and an individual who is neither a veterinarian nor a veterinary pharmaceutical wholesaler, but who has an interest in agriculture. No member can vote on an issue in which he or she would have a direct financial interest or benefit, and there is a requirement that at least one member of the committee does not do business along the Front Range. The committee’s recommendation to the Board will be binding, unless there is a compelling reason for the board to disregard or overrule it. The bill revises the fining schedule for violations not less than $50 nor more than $5,000 for each violation, with a maximum aggregated fine of $5,000 for multiple violations.

SB16-085 Uniform Trust Decanting Act
CVMA position: Monitor
Sent to the Governor (05/10/2016)

SB16-098 Restore Judicial Discretion in Criminal Sentencing (monitoring)
CVMA position: Oppose
Postponed indefinitely (02/22/2016)