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Click here for information on rabies and how to protect you, your family, and your animals.

Canine Influenza

Click here for information on canine influenza, including symptoms and vaccine information.

Holistic Care for Pets

Interested in holistic care for your pet? Click here for general tips and always remember to refer to your veterinarian for advice about your pet’s health.

Proper Dental Care for Pets

Click here to listen to a podcast from the American Veterinary Medical Association on the importance of dental care for your pets and who should be performing these procedures.

Click here for an article from Veterinary News Network that explains way “non-anesthetic dental scalings” (or NADS) can be harmful to your pet and, in some cases, not even legal.

Click here for the “Avoid Pet Dentistry Without Anesthesia” video from Veterinary News Network


The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends the use of microchip identification implants for pets to help raise the likelihood that lost pets will be returned to their owners. Watch this video that explains the advantages of using microchip identifications for pets, how they are implanted, and what you should do to keep the information linked to them current and useful to animal rescuers. View the video and read the backgrounder and FAQs for more information:


Prescriptions and Pharmacies

The American Veterinary Medical Association has released two new FAQs, one for pet owners and one for veterinarians, with answers to a number of frequently asked questions about veterinary prescriptions and pharmacies—including Internet pharmacies. The FAQs are available at