Drug Compounding

CVMA Legislative Efforts Expand Options for Veterinary Access to Compounded Drugs
After months of preparation and constant presence at the Capitol, CVMA is pleased to announce that House Bill 16-1324 (titled Veterinary Access Compounded Pharmaceutical Drugs) has passed both houses of the Colorado General Assembly. Representative Joann Ginal (D-Fort Collins/House District 52) and Senator Jerry Sonnenberg (R-Sterling/Senate District 1) were the prime sponsors of the bill, and CVMA is immensely grateful for their willingness to address this critical issue. Governor John Hickenlooper signed the bill into law on June 10, and it took effect on August 10, 2016. Read the full article in VOICE.

Compounding Drugs – A Changing Landscape
The CVMA Task Force on Pharmaceutical Issues was convened to gather information resources and develop guidance on a range of pharmaceutical issues in veterinary medicine. The task force is charged to develop information resources for CVMA leadership and members, and to formulate recommendations in regard to education and advocacy initiatives CVMA might undertake on these issues. The task force is housed within the Commission on Advocacy and Outreach. The task force believes the most important pharmaceutical issue facing veterinary medicine today is the changing rules and regulations governing compounding. There has been a lot of information available recently about the changing nature of compounding and this brief article is intended to summarize what we know and direct the reader to more comprehensive information. Read the full article.

CVMA Survey on Drug Compounding
Veterinarians are involved in a variety of practice areas where we treat a multitude of species with an even greater number of diseases and conditions. Drug compounding is necessary because there are, and always will be, a limited number of approved drugs for many of the species and conditions that we treat. Add in intermittent drug shortages and commercial unavailability of FDA approved drugs, and the need for compounded drugs within the veterinary profession is undeniable.

In 2014, CVMA surveyed members on the issue of drug compounding. Click here for a summary of the results.

AVMA Resources on Drug Compounding
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has created extensive resources, including videos, on drug compounding. Click here for more information.