State Board of Veterinary Medicine

Policies & Guidelines Effective: May 18, 2015

Board Policy Regarding Non-Anesthesia Dentistry/Dental Cleanings

Many pet owners do not understand how professional dental care differs between the human patient and the veterinary patient. The State Board of Veterinary Medicine has put together a list of guidelines to explore Non-Anesthesia Dentals, and their impact on the veterinary dental community. Read more about this issue, here.


High-Quality Dental Cleanings for Animals Simply Not Possible Without Anesthesia

This CVMA VOICE article by Tony M. Woodward, DVM, AVDC notes that only one of 12 crucial steps involved in a dental cleaning can be accomplished without anesthesia.


Other Resources

Unlicensed Dentistry for Pets is Illegal and Harmful!
This article from Veterinary News Network (VNN) explains why “non-anesthetic dental scalings” (or NADS) can be harmful to your pet and, in some cases, not even legal. View the video “Avoid Pet Dentistry Without Anesthesia” from VNN.