CVMA Commissions

CVMA has four commissions, which are work groups dedicated to providing the organization with ideas and guidance in carrying out its mission. Commissions meet twice a year at the spring and fall BIG Ideas Forums. Any CVMA member is welcome to attend a commission meeting. Getting involved with a commission is a great opportunity to help shape CVMA’s work on behalf of the veterinary profession in Colorado!

Below, you will find information about each of CVMA’s four commissions.

Advocacy and Outreach

Chair: Dr. Bill Fredregill

The members of this commission are charged with ensuring that CVMA is a reliable and trusted provider of science-based information about animal health and welfare, and that CVMA’s voice is heard and respected in the legislative, regulatory, and public arenas.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Allied organization relations
  • Government relations
  • Public education
  • Public relations
  • University relations

Work Groups / Task Forces:

  • Task Force on Collaboration – Dr. Janelle Vail, Chair
  • Task Force on Pharmaceutical Issues – Dr. Peter Hellyer, Chair

Animal Issues

Chair: Dr. Kim Radway

The members of this commission are charged with ensuring that CVMA identifies, examines, researches if needed, and distills information into knowledge about critical and emerging issues in animal health and welfare.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Animal health
  • Animal welfare
  • Microchipping

Work Groups / Task Forces:

  • None as of Spring 2018


Chair: Dr. Emily Graves

The members of this commission are charged with ensuring that CVMA delivers compelling and high-value learning opportunities that educate and inspire members in the art and science of veterinary medicine.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Personal development
  • Professional development

Work Groups / Task Forces:

  • Ag Animal – Dr. Curtis Crawford, Chair
  • Complementary Medicine – Dr. Tim Holt, Chair
  • Equine – Dr. Kayla Henderson, Chair
  • Exotics / Wildlife / Zoo – Dr. Matt Johnston, Chair
  • Small Animal – Dr. Missy Tasky, Chair
  • Beyond Medicine – Dr. Sam Romano, Chair


Chair: Dr. Jeff Fankhauser

The members of this commission are charged with fueling CVMA with ideas that will foster a strong and dynamic membership base with active involvement and leadership in the parent and student associations.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Power of Ten Leadership Academy
  • Leadership development and mentoring
  • Chapter Representatives
  • Wellness

Work Groups / Task Forces:

  • Concerned Colorado Veterinarians – Dr. Bill Fredregill, Chair