Colorado Veterinary Practice Act

On July 1, 2011, several changes to the Colorado Veterinary Practice Act (CVPA) became law, concluding the sunset review of the CVPA. During the General Assembly session, legislators considered Senate Bill 11-091, advanced by the Department of Regulatory Agencies, to continue the CVPA and the State Board of Veterinary Medicine (SBVM) for 11 years.

Significant changes that were incorporated into the adopted version of the bill include wording that:

  • Updates and clarifies language
  • Creates an exemption to the VCPR for the dispensing of a prescription drug in an emergency situation
  • Expands the list of reasons for which a veterinarian may be disciplined or fined
  • Streamlines requirements for practice ownership
  • Requires that a veterinarian be designated to be responsible for a veterinary premise
  • Creates a peer health assistance program

Visit the DORA page on Statutes, Rules, and Policies for an updated version of the CVPA reflecting these changes as posted to the SBVM website.

The report generated by the DORA policy analyst is also available. Please click here for a PDF version.

Click here for the full article (PDF) that appears in the CVMA Voice 2011 #3 issue