Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs) for Companion Animals

The Colorado State Veterinarian’s Office would like to inform practitioners that the templates for small animal health certificates found on the AVMA website or in the small animal health records software are not valid for use in Colorado because the CVI must be a form approved by the state veterinarian.

Under Colorado state statute, the Commissioner of Agriculture is given the authority to promulgate rules concerning the requirements for pet animal health certificates. To move animals across state lines, an official, state-approved “health certificate” is required. These certificates are more properly called certificates of veterinary inspection (CVI). The official Colorado CVI forms are bound in a booklet format and are designed so that the original goes with the owner of the animal, one copy stays with the issuing veterinarian, and two copies are sent to the Colorado State Veterinarian’s Office.
The mailing of the NCR copies to the Colorado State Veterinarian’ Office is an important part of the process, as we forward those copies to the states of destination, and the NCR copies serve as a match to the original document. In this manner, there is documentation and a way to trace the movement of the animal(s).
Official “Small Animal Certificate of Vet Inspections” for interstate movement can be obtained by contacting the Rocky Mountain Regional Animal Health Laboratory (RMRAHL) within the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Animal Industry Division. There are 50 CVI certificates in each booklet at a cost of $10.00 per booklet. To order CVI booklets, please use the contact information found below.
In the book of small animal CVIs, the following information is included:
This “Certificate of Veterinary Inspection” book is issued to veterinarians who are accredited and licensed with the State of Colorado. The accredited veterinarian is responsible for its content and proper use.
1.  If this book, or any of its contents, becomes lost or stolen, notify the State Veterinarian at 303.239.4161 immediately.
2.  Issue a certificate after each animal to be listed has been inspected. Animals listed must meet state of destination and federal requirements.
3.  Each certificate must be complete and clearly legible.
4.  Mail the yellow and pink copy to the Colorado State Veterinarian’s Office within one week of issue date:
Colorado Department of Agriculture
Animal Industry Division
305 Interlocken Parkway
Broomfield CO 80021
To reorder certificates, call 303.477.0049, or fax your order to 303.458.7857, or email Kate McRoy at kate.mcroy@ag.state.co.us with any questions.

CVIs for Livestock

One of the big changes in the livestock industry since the 50s is how livestock moves. It is estimated that 50,000 head of “cattle on wheels” are being transported on any given day in Colorado. Each day in the U.S., there are approximately 600,000 head of swine in transit. There are approximately 77,000 CVIs written each year in Colorado by veterinarians for exporting livestock to other states, and approximately 65,000 paper CVIs written by out-of-state veterinarians for import of livestock to Colorado.

The State Veterinarian’s Office has developed the eVet System, a fillable PDF form for issuing CVIs. It is a unique PDF template customized for each licensed, accredited veterinarian who has been approved by the Office. It does not require an Internet connection to complete and issue. Once it is completed on your laptop, it can be printed for the client and emailed to the State Veterinarian’s Office. Once received, the data entered on the CVI can be flowed into the State Veterinarian’s database system.

For more information and to see a smple electronic CVI, click here.