We believe in doing more for the veterinary profession.

CVMA advocates on your behalf, fighting to make sure legislators know how proposed bills can help or hurt your livelihood, veterinary medicine, and animal health and welfare, to protect what matters and keep the profession strong.

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CVMA dedicates itself to bringing you the education you need to hone your clinical skills, fuel your professional growth, and advance your practice and career.

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CVMA supports you with exclusive member programs and opportunites to enhance your personal and economic wellbeing and help you, and your practice, thrive.

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CVMA encourages professional and personal growth through unique and evolving service, education, and involvement opportunities to develop and refine your leadership skills, no matter your career stage.

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Our Mission

To enhance animal and human health and welfare and advance the knowledge and wellbeing of Colorado veterinarians.

Our History

William McEachran, an 1880 graduate of the Montreal Veterinary College, founded the Colorado State Veterinary Association on the campus of the Colorado Agricultural College in 1888, and served as the first president of the association. McEachran had been appointed to the position of professor of veterinary science and zoology in 1888. He taught veterinary science, zoology, entomology, and biology. The association consisted of members holding the doctor of veterinary science (DVM). In 1889 the college and the veterinary program were suspended and McEachran was out of a job. In his absence, the Colorado Veterinary Association withered on the vine. Not much is known about CVMA activities until 1907, when the association again began to function on the campus of the Colorado Agriculture College.

The College of Veterinary Medicine of the Colorado Agricultural College (now Colorado State University) has engaged in almost a century of mutual cooperation to advance the profession of veterinary medicine. For many years, CVMA has held its winter meeting on the campus of the college. In the early years, the faculty was the glue which held the association together. Dr. George H. Glover, the first dean of the veterinary school, was instrumental in beginning this cooperation and keeping it healthy.

In the early days, CVMA did not have a paid secretary and staff. An elected member served as secretary and treasurer for a limited time and many individuals handled this position. The organization also had professional help from individuals frequently providing pro bono services. One CVMA member, Dr. G.H. Gilbert of Arvada, served the longest stretch as secretary-treasurer, and was instrumental in helping create the first districts within CVMA. Finally, around the 1960s, CVMA was able to hire a part-time secretary and eventually a full-time administrator. To help finance office space and the staff, CVMA partnered with the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society (DAVMS).

In the 1960s, one of the major projects of CVMA was the publishing of a veterinary journal, the Rocky Mountain Veterinarian. This journal, funded by advertising dollars, included CVMA and AVMA activities and scientific articles, and was sent to all the veterinarians in the American Veterinay Medical Association (AVMA) District 9 free of charge. District 9 included Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Utah, and New Mexico. Dr. Robert K. Anderson was the editor of this journal, which was published for about 15 years into the 1970s. Eventually, advertising revenue became difficult to obtain and the publication was discontinued.

Today, CVMA has more than 2,200 members from Colorado and across the United States and Canada, and the number of members has grown each of the last five years. A full-time staff of eleven, and a dedicated group of members, have worked to create one of the most active and respected state veterinary medical associations in the U.S. CVMA is committed to creating a better life for veterinarians, and is working hard to make Colorado a better place for people and animals.

Meet the CVMA Team


Sara Eberhardt

Manager of Membership and Advertising


Katie Kethcart

Communications and Content Manager


Ashley Larson

Manager of Chapter Relations

Diane Matt



Kate Pontious

Manager of Human Resources


Kate Wessels

Director of Communications and Marketing

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